Sunday, August 23, 2009

Work starts tomorrow!

I am definitely not ready to have work start tomorrow. We get two days of prep and then students start on Wednesday. I feel like I have already been doing all sorts of prep for the start of school - lesson plan for first day, parent letter, technology letter, decorating my room, and on and on - but I haven't actually finished anything. So, while I should be working on all those tasks, instead I am sitting here procrastinating by checking my email, bloglines blogs, and Twitter. And, I just found a great wall-writing tool called Wall Wisher that I think I'd like to try using with my students. Check out and join my first "wall" experiment by adding a note about a favorite book.

During my prep for work, I have also been very busy with CSLA (California School Library Association) planning in my two roles as Southern Section President Elect and 2009 Conference Chair. The Southern Section board had a summer retreat a couple of weeks ago and the State Board met last week. We have lots of great activities planned for the coming year. Be sure to be checking the CSLA site, reading the members' newsletter, and subscribe to CALIB to keep posted. If you are in California, please stay active in this organization even if you aren't in a library position right now. CSLA is doing lots of work to advocate for building strong school libraries. We need your support, and you need ours! And, if you are a TL not currently working in a library position, you can join/renew at the lower rate of $45. The conference is also a must-do activity. It will have sessions for everyone -- wonderful authors, sessions on reading, technology, information literacy, and much more. Please come yourself, and also encourage English teacher and tech teacher friends to come with you.

Now, I am going to try to drag myself to school to paint one more wall...