Sunday, May 3, 2015

CUE Beach Cities / Los Angeles Event

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending the CUE Beach Cities/CUELA event at Westerly School in Long Beach. Both the Beach Cities and the Los Angeles CUE affiliate groups did a great job putting on the morning workshop.

My dear friend Pam Oehlman and I did a presentation about the AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning. Each year, the AASL Best Websites Committee selects 25 notable sites that can be used by educators and students to enhance learning. We shared a selection of the 2014 sites and suggested ways that they can be used in the classroom by teachers and students. As part of the presentation, attendees also got some hands-on experience with Kahoot, Socrative, and Stoodle.

While they don't really stand alone, here are the slides we presented uploaded to

You can also view them in Google Presentations at

I hope they will whet your appetite and inspire you to contact us for more information and ideas of how we recommended using them.

I'd like to thank the CUELA and Beach Cities CUE boards for inviting us to speak. I also got to meet and network with a group of impressive educators there. It was a great morning.

Guest Editing the CUE Blog

I have been delighted and honored to serve during May and early June as guest editor of the CUE Blog. In this role, I both wrote posts and solicited and edited posts by other writers. Please visit there and comment and/or share to Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Here are my postings:
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