Sunday, September 26, 2010

Library Orientation Video

Here's the library orientation video I created for 10th-12th graders:

I have asked all the English teachers to show it to their students. I hope the students don't find it too corny. It was my first attempt at a GoAnimate video, and, while it was fun, there was a definite learning curve getting it all to work. I also thought of a lot of tweaking I'd like to do, but needed this time to wrap it up quickly. I'll be working to refine my GoAnimate skills on the next one. There's always a next one. :)

The version of the video you see here is the HD version I created and uploaded to youtube. I think it loads a lot faster than the original copy on the GoAnimate site, but the opening image didn't come out the way I intended. It is a picture from a later slide rather than the first slide. And, I think I am also losing potential points I could use toward future GoAnimate projects by not having the viewings from the GoAnimate file. Oh well! It is possible to create free GoAnimate videos, but I found that I had to upgrade to the paid version and pay for some "Go Bucks" to accomplish all that I wanted to.

Thanks so much to Marie Slim and Pam Oehlman for letting me borrow the concept they used in the GoAnimate video for Pam's library.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Library Orientations

Goodness, how time has been flying as I have been getting going with my new position. I can't say that I loved spending almost two weeks on textbooks, but it is basically behind me for the semester now. Hooray! And, I now have lots of ideas about what could be tweaked to streamline the process next time.

School has been in session for six days now, and I can already see what a very busy place my library is going to be. Students are pouring in to do homework, get books, and use the computers. I still have so much to learn, but, ready or not, I am starting my first 9th grade orientations on Monday. I'm using the same theme I tried in the "demo orientation" I created as part of my application process. I'll display an "iphone" with "apps" on it, describe an app representing a feature of the library, have students guess which app it is and what it's called, and then give more detail about each. Before we start the "game," I'll have them all write their response to "I wish the library would ..." and "My favorite book is ..." on a card.

The poster I created for the demo fell apart on me before I could get it lamenated, and I really wanted to put it up on the wall, so I recreated it as a single file I could get printed at Kinkos. You can see a copy at the top of this posting.

And, while it's not self-explanatory without my commentary, here's a link my presentation prezi.
I keep tweaking it, but I think it is basically done now. In any case, I have to move on since I have more prep to do for Monday! If anyone is interested in my script file, let me know. And, of course, send me any feedback on the graphics, flow, etc.