Monday, January 17, 2011

My Library Status Report & Making Friends Across the Blogosphere

After I tweeted about the recent status report I created using, I was honored to have Buffy Hamilton ask me to do a guest posting on the Georgia Library Association blog about why I chose this Prezi for it.  I intended to cross-post what I wrote here, but then realized that it would make more sense to just refer you to it. So, please check this link to my posting. Thanks so much, for inviting me, Buffy!

I have been following Buffy for some time, but we hadn't "met" before she noticed my tweet about my status report. [If you aren't already, be sure to check out her library blog, The Unquiet Library, and follow her on Twitter (buffyjhamilton) for lots of inspiration on how to energize your school library program.] I know I am guilty of spending way too much time online tracking down every last library link and idea I can, but connecting with her reminded me of one of the great joys of being hooked into an active personal learning network: it also gives me the pleasure and honor of getting to know people across the country and even the world. Last summer, I even had the fun of meeting another "online" friend, Sue Waters (suewaters on Twitter) of Edublogs fame, and her friend Frances in person during their visit to The United States from Australia. With all the difficult issues facing us today, we also have the huge benefit and enjoyment of being able to share and cross-fertilize ideas across the planet and to even make new friends in the process.