Sunday, March 22, 2015

The #CUE15 Conference - Awesome!

I got home just 23 hours ago from the CUE 2015 Conference in Palm Springs. I believe it was the best CUE conference yet of the seven I have attended. I:

  • Co-presented one session with Gail Desler on "Can I Use That? Fair Use for the Remix Generation. Here are links to the session slides and session resources site. I was delighted to be asked to join Gail in this presentation. We had met through an online copyright class we both took a little over a year ago, and we met in person for the first time at the session. We took advantage of Google Hangouts and Google Slides to work together on the session. 
  • Presented a session on "Blogging Across the Curriculum." While the slides definitely don't stand alone, I'm embedding them here to "whet your appetite" to contact me and talk about blogging -:):
You can also view the slides on Google Drive at Also, visit my "beta" Start Blogging with Students site for help getting started with blogging.
  • With Pam Oehlman, co-coordinated the CSLA Information Literacy Summit, with four dynamic presenters. Visit the CSLA website page at for links to slides and resources for all these sessions. 
  • Attended tons of wonderful sessions and three incredibly inspiring keynotes
  • Co-ordinated a fun dinner for CSLA members, teacher librarians, and friends
Frankly, I'm completely exhausted! I don't have the energy right now to write up a proper report of all I learned. Thanks, though, to Storify, I can share my conference experience through the record of my tweets and those of some of the others who shared using the #CUE15 and #CUEILS hashtags. I know I'll have more thoughts on what I learned as I process and absorb all the wonderful sessions and networking. For right now, though, I hope you will enjoy my Storify story:

Many thanks to the entire CUE organization for a wonderful conference, overflowing with inspiration, learning, energy, and fun!