Tuesday, September 18, 2018

#CALIBCHAT September Slow Chat

Back in Spring of 2017, we (Katie McNamara and me, Jane Lofton) decided to start #CALIBChat, a California-based school library chat on Twitter, for California school library people and friends across the nation. We wanted to offer peer-driven informal professional development for California school library people and friends, make connections, build community, and help each other develop our personal learning networks. To avoid imposing too much on everyone’s busy time, we scheduled chats for just a half hour, once a month, from 5:00pm-5:30pm on the fourth Thursday of each month.

And the great news is that we’ve had a lot of enthusiasm and positive feedback from participants. If you’d like to see some of our topics and discussions, just check the #CALIBChat hashtag on Twitter, and scroll back to see the tweets. Or, here’s an archive of the last (August 2018) chat courtesy of Participate.com. But .. the not so great news is that many people have wanted to come but just haven’t been able to make it at the scheduled time.

So … we’re going to try something a little different this month, and see how it goes. We’re going to slow the chat down, holding it from Noon on Monday through Thursday evening of the 4th week of September, instead of just during a half hour time slot. Starting next Monday, we will post a question each day at 12pm PT, and you have all the rest of the day, or even through Thursday night, to respond. Friday morning, we’ll share a transcript, courtesy of Participate.com, as well as a collage of images you share with us.

How will it work? On Monday at Noon, or as soon after as you can, go to Twitter, search for #CALIBCHAT and select Latest.

You will see a post asking you to introduce yourself, shortly followed by a post starting with Q1 (i.e., Question 1). Our theme this month will be "Prove it!" so all the questions will relate to that. Begin your response to Q1 with A1 (i.e., Answer 1). And, be sure to include #CALIBCHAT in all your posts, so that others in the chat will see it. And, browse the other responses and consider responding, liking, and retweeting. At Noon on Tuesday, we'll launch Question 2, Question 3 on Wednesday, and Question 4 on Thursday. If you can't make it at the beginning of the week, you can still respond to all the questions through Thursday night. And, be prepared to have some fun with graphics or photography on Thursday. 😊

Note: If you use Tweetdeck, you can simply set up a #CALIBChat column to follow along and participate.

If you aren't yet on Twitter, you can still view the discussion even without an account. Just go to this link.

So … mark your calendar and get ready to chat with us starting Monday, September 24 at Noon PT, through Thursday, September 27. And, #helpafriendgrow. Invite friends to join us!

Questions? Contact @katiejmcnamara or @jane_librarian.

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