Thursday, January 18, 2018

#CSLA18 UnConference #CSLAUnCon

It's just two weeks until one of my favorite events of the year: the California School Library Association (CSLA) Annual Conference, February 1-4 at Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite, CA. As always, it is packed with amazing keynotes, concurrent sessions, and events. Check the conference website and final program (just released!) for details. I know already that I will come away with a huge dose of inspiration, new knowledge,  and new friends. But ... I also know that, by me, one of the VERY best parts of the conference is the least "programmed": it's the UnConference. This post focuses on that, and why you should put it on your "must attend list." And, don't stop reading if you can't make it to Yosemite for this conference; we will be sharing a good portion of it online.

So, why should you stay up late (yeah, it's a bit late: 8:30pm - 11:00pm on Thursday, February 1) for the UnConference even if you are usually an early-to-bed type? Here's why:
  • This is your chance to determine the topics of discussion. Propose a topic you want most to explore. We select discussion topics by crowd sourcing. You can offer to lead a discussion if you like, or just be a participant - your choice for this peer-to-peer learning time. 
  • This is your chance to do a mini-presentation. No pressure here, but during the "Smackdown," we invite you to submit a slide sharing a great teaching and learning tool or idea, then come to the mic to share about it in 2 minutes or less. And, you'll be amazed how many ideas you get from your peers' submissions.
  • The team trivia contest we end the evening with is SO much fun! 
Past attendees will tell you that this is always one of the highlights of the conference. So, won't you join us? 

Visit our wiki for more information. And, do please consider doing a wee bit of prep: 
  1. Share your breakout session ideas n this AnswerGarden Topic Brainstorm
  2. Add a slide (or two) to our Smackdown slide deck
  3. Please help spread the word. Invite a friend to attend with you. Share far and wide on social media. Use the conference hashtag, #CSLA18, and our special UnConference hashtag: #CSLAUnCon.
What if you can't make it to the CSLA Conference? You can still contribute to our Smackdown slide deck, and you can follow along with the #CSLAUnCon hashtag. We will also record notes from the breakout sessions. And, standby as we figure out if we can stream a portion of the evening. 

Hope to see you there!

Thanks to Katie McNamara, Conference Social Media Chair, for the UnConference graphic. Also standby to learn how you can earn your own UnConference digital badge. 

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