Sunday, November 1, 2015

EdTechTeam San Diego Summit

I recently had the pleasure of attending the EdTechTeam's San Diego Summit featuring Google for Education in Coronado, CA. I blogged in August about the sessions I presented at the Orange County Summit. While I repeated the same two sessions, "Google Forms: You Can't Live Without Them" and "Become a Google Images Ninja," I made some updates to both of them. So, here are the slides from this Summit:

I learn so much from these professional development events, both as I prepare my sessions and interact with the attendees, and, of course, from all the great sessions presented by others. Two of the items on my "to do" list after this summit are piloting Imagine Easy's new Google Scholar, which will be replacing soon, and sharing Soundtrap with students and teachers at my school.

It was also fun meeting up with some of the members of my 2014 Mountain View Google Teacher Academy, Adina Sullivan, Dan Bennett, Mark Rounds, and Ryan Archer:

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